Although it's quite obvious that this site is designed to list shrines for RPG characters, there is sometimes confusion regarding what it takes to be listed here. Here are a list of basic requirements that are necessary in order for your shrine to be listed here. Even if you fulfill the majority of the criteria, I still might not list you, but this is a basic guideline:

Listing Criteria

1) The site must be either a character shrine or a shrine dedicated to multiple characters from video games only.

2) The character must be from an RPG or a quasi-RPG (ie. FFVII: Advent Children). Due to the waning numbers of character shrines, I will accept shrines dedicated to well-developed characters from RPG-like game series (Ace Attorney, Metal Gear Series etc) on a case by case basis. These characters will require in-depth background information and things of that nature. So a general character like Mario would not qualify, but Phoenix Wright would since there's a lot that can be said about his story and personality.

3) The shrine must contain an adequate amount of information -- if there are only a few pages of generic content and a ton of "coming soon" pages, I probably won't list the site. I am more lax when it comes to less popular characters. Additionally, I am more sympathetic to incomplete shrines that are clearly marked as incomplete than shrines that pretend to be complete but actually have little content. If I get the sense that your site is incomplete but that there will be much more to come (and I like what's already there), I'll probably end up listing it.

4) The design must be generally appealing, and the website must be entirely functional. If I can't view or navigate the site, I can't accept it.

5) The shrine must be dedicated to a character from an existent game.

6)I will gladly accept shrines of different languages. However, when submitting your form, please mention in the "Comment" area what language your site is in so that your listing on the site reflects this.

And that's all there is to it. If I see a shrine I like, I'll add it, and if it isn't here already please submit your shrine. It may not get listed, but it's certainly worth a shot. This site is selective, but definitely not elitist. The aim here is to keep a listing of some of the most comprehensive and thorough RPG character shrines. If you don't make the cut, remember that there are already plenty of non-selective directories floating around the internet.

Removal Policy

If a site is down when I do a link-check, I will place it in a pending database, and it will remain there until it is back online. If several months have gone by and it is still down, I will delete it from the pending database and stop checking to see if it's come back. If your site has returned to the internet after an extensive amount of time and you think I may have deleted it from the pending database, please feel free to re-submit your site.

Links to the old url, are fine and valid as they can be re-directed here. However, if for some reason, you still have your site linked to, I kindly ask that you update it to so that people can find the directory as I no longer own

Site History and Info

In the Fade was first started by Alexandra on her old domain, After she closed the site in 2005, Emma adopted it where it resided on her old domain, Then, in 2006, Alex returned with her domain, The two ran the site together for some time. Eventually, Emma decided it was time to downsize her sites, and thus, Alex took on the site by herself. Unfortunately, school and real live happened. It then changed hands again. When I noticed that Alex had it up for adoption, I decided right away that I wanted to take care of it.

I maintained the site for some time. After I lost my domain in 2013, I didn't have the heart to put this site, or any of my sites online again. In 2017, I returned to webdesign and site making. I found the files and database for In The Fade and decided to reupload it for old time's sake.

The current layout features some lovely artwork of Rydia from Final Fantasy IV for the DS. Textures and backgrounds are from Hybrid-Genesis. A good deal of the textual content has remained from the previous site, but over time, I'm sure I will sit down and rewrite a good portion of it. For that matter, credit goes to Alex and Emma for creating the content on the site.